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Holding Structure

With our recently formed holding company structure, we are on the next stage of our transformation journey.

Long Time Value

We are focused on generating long-term value by exploiting opportunities and efficiencies created by our new structure.


We intend to drive value across our subsidiaries through synergies in our diverse line of products and services offered.


We see substantial growth opportunities in our near future. All benefit from the entire businesses in the Group.

Our Operating Structure

Operationally, XIP Technologies has oversight of two major business groups aligned along the direct selling industry that we believe have significant growth potential. We have grouped similar businesses in order to improve coordination and specialization and under each business group is one or more divisions structured around a single client group or limited product areas, with clear reporting lines into the heads of the business groups.

These groups are:

Direct Selling Division - bringing products and services to market through the direct selling, word of mouth advertising structure.

Where are we located? All our business groups currently operate only within the United States of America. We have an international expansion strategy, primarily for the direct selling division. We do not have an expansion date currently.

Our Give Back Program

XIP offers a unique "Give Back" program to our Members. From our suite of subsidiary companies we share in the earnings from all companies collectively. We add all the volume from each subsidiary and put into the Give Back Program and distribute monthly to our Members. It is our mission to drive value to all our companies to enable us to build stronger businesses to allow us to maximize our Give Back program!